about haunted astoria

Haunted Astoria began in 2008 offering a variety of activities that included guided haunted tours of historic sites, an appropriately haunting movie at Liberty Theatre, ghost investigations, and a writing contest.  The writing contest proved popular and we continued to receive submissions years after the last Haunted Astoria was launched.  2010 was the final Haunted Astoria event before fading into the misty archives of our minds. 

The original Haunted Astoria was a collaboration between Astoria Sunday Market, Astoria-Warrenton Chamber, Clatsop County Historical Society and Liberty Theatre.   The event went into remission when resources of time, talent and funding were no longer abundant.


Haunted Astoria returned in 2018 with the Short Story Writing Contest -- the theme was Graveyard of the Pacific and the Writer's Showcase at Inferno Lounge was a huge success!

We are expanding programs this year to include a photography contest and a Spirit Fair.  The dates were chosen to coincide with Clatsop County Historical Society's annual Talking Tombstone event taking place the last Sunday of every year.

The theme this year is Underground Astoria to highlight the new Astoria Underground Tours that are now available through the entertaining Jeff & Chad who have created these tours that take you into the belly of the beast.

Contact:  Cyndi Mudge

Phone:  503-440-7168

Email:  ExploreHauntedAstoria@gmail.com

Mudge Media is seeking collaborators!  We need prizes, sponsors, ideas, and showcase space!

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